Lowest Total Cost

Your total cost is more than price per part.

Your total cost includes more than just price per part. How much do failures cost? Parts that fail too often or too soon and require multiple service calls? Parts that are not at current release levels or are simply incompatible and do not work? Inventory shrinkage? Shipment inaccuracies? Low repair yield? High labor costs?

We understand the cost of failure. To minimize total cost we have invested in the facilities, people, systems and processes to minimize total cost.

ExpressPoint Delivers Lowest Total Cost

  • Competitive pricing with value-added quality and engineering services.
  • Low labor costs achieved through cost labor regions.
  • More units repaired per technician than the industry average.
  • Lower repair time per unit than the industry average.
  • Advance Exchange programs, which lower inventory supply chain costs.
  • Creative sourcing of products through system teardown.
  • Engineered solutions that extend product life and increase yield.
  • Lean Six Sigma methodology to eliminate waste and reduce cycle time.

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