Parts Sourcing, Procurement & Stocking

Ensuring the Availability of High Quality Components and Parts

With thorough monitoring and analysis of predictive failure data, repair history and market availability. ExpressPoint optimizes inventory to ensure high availability at lowest total cost.

ExpressPoint's procurement systems ensure the highest availability, best-in-class quality and lower cost for all stocked parts. With our 20+ years of industry experience, an expert team of purchasing professionals, and a robust supplier network, you can trust the parts will be there when needed.

ExpressPoint Delivers

  • Extensive inventory to support repair of products from more than 250 manufacturers.
  • Extensive sourcing network to locate and procure parts from qualified sources.
  • Disassembly of whole units to provide low-cost parts.
  • Relationships with unique suppliers enable ExpressPoint to secure hard-to-find parts.
  • Expedited services to meet your emergency needs.