Planning & Forecasting

Industry-Leading Planning and Forecasting Eliminating Downtime

ExpressPoint analyzes trends, shipment averages, availability and seasonality to ensure optimal stocking and delivery, and to maximize product availability.

When breakdowns occur, your business depends on an immediate quality repair solution. Having that solution before the failure is even better. ExpressPoint offers industry-leading planning and forecasting to eliminate downtime for you and your customers. We analyze products and determine exactly which repair components need to be on hand to repair your product before it fails, saving you time and money. We determine the exact number of technicians needed to repair specific parts, creating a lean cost structure and savings that are passed on to you. We maximize efficiency and generate inventory stocking plans and repair schedules by considering material availability, production yields, level of service requirements, historical trends and seasonality.

ExpressPoint Delivers

  • Sophisticated forecasting system analyzes historical data, anticipated trends and seasonality.
  • Procurement expertise including aggressive negotiating skills and sourcing hard-to-find parts.
  • Innovative parts design and manufacturing capabilities that improve quality and extend product life.
  • Predictive failure analysis that identifies failure trends and component stocking needs.
  • Safety stock level planning and monitoring to exceed level of service requirements.
  • Service level tracking and attainment.
  • Reporting including order status, returns and warranty tracking, and repair component usage.
  • A lean cost structure that creates savings for you.