Information to Meet Your Needs

Delivered How You Want It.

Custom Information Exchanges

We build custom information exchanges, leveraging a wide range of flexible real-time interfaces (EDI, XML, HTML, FTP, etc.) tailored to meet all of your informational needs. Many of our customers have adopted ExpressNet as their preferred information portal.

ExpressNet is a secure, easy-to-use, web portal customized for your specific requirements. With ExpressNet, you can check inventory status, place orders, and monitor your product every step of the way.

ExpressPoint Delivers

  • ExpressNet, a secure, real-time 24x7 web-based reporting tool including:
    • Order processing status and shipment tracking
    • Open/closed orders
    • Outstanding defective cores
    • Back order report
    • Standard and custom reports
    • Export to Excel
  • Performance reporting including:
    • SLA performance
    • Returns & core tracking
    • Shipping & receiving summary
    • NTF/NFF rates
    • Failure codes
    • Average days lasted 
    • ELF rates
    • OBF rates
    • Process yield / scrap rates
    • Multiple / repeat fails
    • Materials/ component usage
    • Warranty
    • Process audit reporting